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What's Virtual Internship?

Virtual Internship refers to the Internship program that does not need a person to be physically present at the site of training/internship.

The training or Internship is carried out by the use of the state of the art modern technology, and a certificate is issued only if the participant completes and passes all the modules.

Why Virtual Internship?

The testing times of the pandemic, Covid-19 has literally shrunk the world, with almost every single country going through lock down.

Nature has provided us with a unique opportunity, wherein, we can make the use of modern technology, and learn new things. So, why not use the same & get enrolled for v

Check Your Eligibility

To register for Virtual Internship, one needs to be an Undergraduate or Post-Graduate student or a Research Scholar, who resides in the countries of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan or any other country, but enrolled in a regular course in any AIU/UGC approved Indian Universities.

How to Register for program?

To register for Virtual Internship Program of the Saksham Society, one needs to select the preferred program as per their convenience to attend the classes, fill up and submit the duly filled form online on time, and pay the requisite fee applicable.

The participant shall then receive the link along with the credentials to join the program 

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Benefits of Virtual Internship

Learn latest skills

World is a stage, where new developments keep on taking place everyday. We, at Saksham, make you acquainted with the latest  skills as soon as they start to emerge in the market.

Increase your reach

The world is currently a stage. We, at Saksham, have collaborations around the globe, wherein you always get a chance to showcase as well as learn skills at a global stage.


Now, no need to worry about long distances & times of travel for Internships, no matter whether you belong to a Metro city or a far flung area. Now you can unchain yourself and get trained at the comfort of your home.


We, at Saksham, give a special focus on various things like Punctuality & Time Management. By doing a Virtual Internship with Saksham, you develop the habit of being punctual & develop Time Management skills.

Learn remote working skills

At the end of this program, we expect that all the participants who attend our Internship shall be able to work on projects remotely.

This shall become one of the basic qualifications of employability. 

Boost your cv

All the internship programs have been designed to provide you with some of the skills that you may not get to learn in your college.

Most of the skills that we teach you shall not only add to your employability, but also boost your CV


All our programs are designed in a manner that you whatever skills you gain are globally acclaimed.

No matter which part of the globe you live in, 

you shall always be admires just because of the skills you gain.


All the courses in this world come with their own set of difficulties & challenges. 

During our internship program, you get multi-channel support system to ensure that your queries are answered in time.

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