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Saksham or Smart Ambition to Kindle Scientific Acumen among Masses- The NGO with a Cause was founded, keeping in mind the current and future needs of the society, especially the poor & marginalized. As an NGO, we look forward to providing solutions to the scietal growth through education, family welfare & health.

At Saksham, we believe that the most basic requirements to build a prosperous future are good health & good education. Good health comes from a happy and disease-free family. For this purspose, we have started the projects on Family Welfare & Health education, intended for increased awareness about general health among the public.

Currently, we are working in three main domains- Education, Family Planning & Health Education.

We currently work to include everyone into the education system by sponsoring the education/books/uniforms etc., helping build schools, and raising the bar of education through trainings to the teachers as well as students .

Overall, we try to build a better, healthier and educated society.



To help the poor children go to school and get quality education & to guide the youth by showing them the path to success..

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A small contribution from you might help a child go to school, buy new books, get a new dress, and much more..

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You can help by either donating or volunteering. You can directly donate or help us purchase the goods meant for the purpose..

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SWEAR, EPPS, SYD, SIP, Family welfare & Health Education, Sponsorship for education/ books/ uniforms etc..

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Meet The Team

Dr. Shilpi Chauhan

Dr. Shilpi Chauhan

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Global Goodwill Ambassador, Renowned Social Scientist, having 35+ research papers at national and international levels to her credit, huge feild research experience of 12+ years.


Utkarsh K. Singh

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Medical worker, convenor, author of 5 books, ardent social worker, volunteered for the various health improvement programs, blood donation programs, family welfare programs etc.


Dr. Indu Bansal

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Renowned Social Scientist, having mentored 50+ Research Scholars, 100+ dissertations, Author of several books, having 100+ research papers to her credit

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Dr. Sarada Prasad Mohapatra

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Head, Dept. of Botany, and Academic Head,  N C (A)  College, Jajpur, Odisha. Honorary Member & International Program Coordinator. Has huge experience in Academics & Research.

Radhe Shyam Gupta.jpg

Radhey Shyam Gupta

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Having 25+ yrs of rich experience of social work and Administration in different fields, he is one of the most prominent honorary members of Saksham, who is always ready to devote his time and share his experiences with Saksham Society.


Priyanka Manjari Lenka

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Having rich experience of academics and Administration in different fields. Her vision, educational skills are the reason, her students are heading towards successful future. 

Zoomi SIngh.jpeg

Zoomi Singh

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Life Member of Nutrition Society of India, member of Association of Food Scientist and Technologist India, AFSTI (I)- she has Conducted many health camps in Eastern belt of Uttar Pradesh. 

What We Do?

Education 2.jpeg



We provide career oriented education to the poor & the needy so that they can succeed in their later stages of career and contribute to the healthy growth of the society. We also assist teachers to equip themselves with the latest tools & techniques needed in today's education.

Jhalana Jaipur Saksham



We provide trainings to general public for family planning & health education for preventable diseases & also the ayurvedic medicine kits. The main objective is to minimize the incidents of diseases & increased use of family planning tools to ensure a healthier & Safer society.

Plantation NER



The biggest challenge that we face today, is the increasing pollition. We have kept our focus on decreasing the ill effects of pollution by planting and caring for the maximum number of trees possible. This shall ensure that our environment remains free from pollution.

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