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Become a Volunteer

Join hands & collaborate with us for the noble cause of education of the poor.Show that you can do something for them & also earn International Academic Credits*.

Contribute to Education & Health

You can help by either donating or volunteering. You can directly donate & help us purchase the goods meant for the purpose or volunteer.

Small Contribution, Big Help

A small contribution from you might help a child go to school, buy new books, get a new dress, prevent a communicable disease & much more.

We work in the sectors of education & healthcare to make the world a better & beautiful place to live in...

We are currently working on various projects, that focus on improving the educational skills of the younger generation... 

Education for All

Pedagogue Training

Personal Safety Education 

Counselling (Psychotherapy)

....and many more

You might get involved with us as a volunteer, intern, social worker, counsellor, psychotherapist etc. 


SAKSHAM was started as an Smart Ambition to Kindle Scientific Acumen among Masses. The main objective of Saksham is to inculcate in the masses, scientific acumen to tackle the problems of illitracy, poor quality of education, family welfare, and to teach them the basics of health education.

To acheive this, Saksham makes the use of community teaching programs, conducts role plays, events, seminars & workshops at school, college, university as well as village & gram panchayat levels.

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